The Perfect Song

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I hope you've had a wonderful start to 2019!  As the new year unfolds, there's so much to do as we prepare for big things, set goals to get there, and reflect on what we've learned in the past year and beyond.  Quite honestly, though hectic, this time of year is my favorite because it's just so exciting to have chances to grow, learn new things, and help others around me.  Though many things may change around us, my personal mantra will never really change: may my actions be based out of love and not fear, and may everything I do be for the greater good.

That's why I wanted to reach out and share my thoughts on what an emotional and powerful thing music is. I truly believe, and have seen in action, what the perfect song in line with a particular moment can do.  It's like time stands still, and everything is in tunnel vision.  Everyone in the room comes together as one. The emotion is almost a religious experience.  Have you been there too? There's nothing like it.  It forges that memory in your mind and it is crystal clear every time you hear that particular song, for a lifetime! 

Think of all the times throughout your wedding/ceremony and during the reception where you'll need a song or some form of music!  Also, don't forget you'll need music for your wedding video too.  Now imagine, on one of the most important days of your life, having YOUR song to use for that very moment you want to be extra special. Your unique love story shared with each other and loved ones around you, in one of the most impactful and special art forms....a song!

I completely understand how busy life can get planning all the details for your perfect wedding: the dress, the venue, and I'm sure you already have that perfect ring!  I want you to know I'm here for you, can't wait to learn more about your special story, and am excited for the opportunity to help you create that perfect song.  

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Abigail Johnson